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Motorcyclist dies in horrific road accident

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ThisIsButter | 197 subscribers
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The young man, who was identified as Axel Sebastian Kalonga Gavilan, 20, died immediately after being hit by a car that threw him under the wheels of a large truck. Horror!

A terrible car accident happened this afternoon on the streets of Sargento Silva and Teniente Benitez in the city of San Lorenzo.

The deceased was driving a Yamaha motorcycle number 151 BXH when he found himself under a refrigerated semi-trailer owned by a dairy company driven by Weber Gisbrecht Dörksen, a 45-year-old married driver, according to 1st CC cops.

The motorcyclist was hit by a Toyota, model Funcargo, black, with license plate AACX262, driven by 35-year-old Marisa Bedoya Chavez.
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Chefone17 LR User
Guess he was texting gay BoneSpermHero and got distracted. Bummer.
00falcon LR User
Some cunts just shouldnt drive cars.. useless slut.
soyentusiasta LR User
A motorcycle, a car, and a truck do not slow down at an intersection. Guess who loses.
alb0best LR User
3 idiots met in one place
FloridaMan LR User
Horrific accident? Is this NewsFlare?
Zeaux LR User
Vid rated G. It should be on LiveLeak cuz you can't see anything.
VG LR User
pingvuiini LR User
The 'Horror!' was a nice touch.
BronteMark LR User
Axel Sebastian Kalonga Gavilan

With a name like that he should have gone a longa time ago.