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Bernie Sanders Blasts Mitt Romney Criticism 'Multi-Millionai

23 days ago, 507 views
Bernie Sanders Blasts Mitt Romney Criticism Multi-Millionai
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Leviathan's avatar
Leviathan - 23 days ago  - (Points 1670)

Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 23 days ago  - (Points 21464)
....These people belong in piano crates sucking dick under the freeway for money.... At least AOC won't have to worry about paying rent....

JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 23 days ago  - (Points 4725)
Why don't we write some legislation to make people smarter.... Then their dumb asses won't use a payday loan or a title pawn. If their constituents were productive and could manage a budget or a payroll these problems would not exist. Lectured by a millionaire with three houses thats a socialist....
GetReal's avatar
GetReal - 23 days ago  - (Points 2681)
Didn't things change after these 3PieceSuiteHoodlumSharks and their Wall St bankers (hope i spelt that right) got millions and billions of taxpayer's money in a bailout not that long ago? (causing, classic car and luxury boat sales to increase dramatically...go figure)
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saltine - 23 days ago  - (Points 2279)
15 percent? My CC are at 10 percent or less and I never use them. Payday lenders? Learn how to fucking budget you bank account and you wont have a fucking problem. More regulations for stupid people.
ChallengerZ's avatar
ChallengerZ - 23 days ago  - (Points 43)
They want it to be easier for stupid people to to be stupid. It will increase their voting demographic.

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