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18 y/old Girl Was Punched In The Face For Telling a Man 'No

143 days ago, 2880 views
18 y/old Girl Was Punched In The Face For Telling a Man No. CCTV has captured the shocking moment a teenager was punched unconscious on a night out after she told a man who was following her: 'I'm sorry, I'm not interested'.

Gabrielle Walsh, 18, was approached by the attacker and two other men when she was out in central Manchester with a friend on Saturday night.

Footage shows the man throwing a punch before Gabrielle falls to the ground as panicked bystanders rush to help.

The college student and her friend, Kyle McKeown, 18, who was also attacked and is seen collapsing onto the road, had tried to walk away from the men, but they kept following and trying to talk to the pair, Gabrielle said.

In an attempt to get the men to go away, Gabrielle told them 'I'm sorry, I'm not interested'.But her comments sparked a row which led to one of the men turning violent.

Police have now launched an investigation into the incident and are looking to speak to three men who are 'highlighted running from the area' in the CCTV footage.

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COMMONSENZ - 141 days ago  - (Points 25590)
She was caught in the cross by accident. Still a hot piece of ass
SEAGULLFARMER - 142 days ago  - (Points 2266)
what do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes? NOTHING you've already told her twice.
Siankovic's avatar
Siankovic - 142 days ago  - (Points 14747)
back to kitchen bitch

Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 142 days ago  - (Points 32494) Siankovic
...That's just savage....

TheyStink's avatar
TheyStink - 142 days ago  - (Points 1347)
That's the risk you take when you leave the kitchen, toots.
apachesmile's avatar
apachesmile - 142 days ago  - (Points 11757)
OK so why hit the guy? Did he turn him down as well.
fatcashflow's avatar
fatcashflow - 143 days ago  - (Points 2309)
Looks like he tried to hit the guy but missed? Drunken idiots. Anyhoo girls in England look 10 years or more older than actual age.
Siankovic's avatar
Siankovic - 143 days ago  - (Points 14747) fatcashflow
alcohol early dick etc...
HassanQ's avatar
HassanQ - 143 days ago  - (Points 1413)
you supposed to lick it stick it, it not beat it - that aint ur dick douche
kevin_ventura's avatar
kevin_ventura - 143 days ago  - (Points 446)
Bunch of angry loser cunts
MadLui_03's avatar
MadLui_03 - 143 days ago  - (Points 2444)
wish we could get to the bottom as to why many people are so angry nowadays and feel the need to strike out for the most mundane reason.
apachesmile's avatar
apachesmile - 142 days ago  - (Points 11757) MadLui_03
lack of Good Pussy?
jig's avatar
jig - 143 days ago  - (Points 860)
The video shows fighting. It appears a man hit the man she was attacking, he hit back and she was caught in crossfire.
jamesdd's avatar
jamesdd - 143 days ago  - (Points 2146)

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