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Angry Mob beats Tractor and The officer lol

145 days ago, 1928 views
Angry Mob beats Tractor and The officer lol. Crazy people, dont have reasoning or logic...
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space_cat - 145 days ago  - (Points 3825)
I wonder what the back story was, aside from: pastoral scene, shithole edition.
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Dimas - 145 days ago  - (Points 2065) space_cat
Two police officers have reportedly been suspended for failing to protect a female forest ranger who was attacked by an angry mob of men armed with sticks and rods. Chole Anitha was hit in the head by the group who were protesting an afforestation drive in the village of Kaghaznagar, in India's southern state of Telangana. Led by a member of the state’s ruling party, a group of about 30 were filmed as they surrounded the forestry department’s vehicles and personnel. As they set upong the vehicles, Ms Anitha stood on one of them to try and placate them. But they set upon her instead. Eventually police stepped in, but not until after she had been repeatedly hit. Two officers were suspended for failing to protect her during the attack, the BBC reported.
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scorched_earth - 145 days ago  - (Points 17730)
Indian riot police huh ..haha .They sound like a load of rabid turkeys
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cybersavior - 145 days ago  - (Points 5016)
And the Academy Award goes to....
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Borderlord - 145 days ago  - (Points 17805)
Oh Deere...………..
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apachesmile - 145 days ago  - (Points 11807)
Dumber than a sack of dindus.
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Rot10 - 145 days ago  - (Points 3084)
yeah that will teach to the tractor for making so much noise and shieeeeeet
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Texboy - 145 days ago  - (Points 16585)
stupid tractors.. why are you tracting in here?? huh? take it like a man!
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Gomez - 145 days ago  - (Points 2250)
bunch of savage morons, lmao
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rcpilotjae - 145 days ago  - (Points 6594)
Guess they're not too fond of John Deere.....

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