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Man Is Tazed Multiple Times And Manages To Fight Police

147 days ago, 2191 views
Man Is Tazed Multiple Times And Manages To Fight Police<br />
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hicks - 147 days ago  - (Points 3743)
Meth,i presume.Looks to cheap to afford quality cocaine.
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buck - 147 days ago  - (Points 1469)
Shocking! LOL
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allanv - 147 days ago  - (Points 816)
I said bow to your sensai!

Seamus34's avatar
Seamus34 - 147 days ago  - (Points 835)
What an absolute shit hole
WaistBandWeiner's avatar
WaistBandWeiner - 147 days ago  - (Points 615)
A baton to the face would have made a difference. (unless pcp was involved) I miss the good ol' days
CPK1994's avatar
CPK1994 - 147 days ago  - (Points 1922)
Tasers are totally useless, didn't even need them with this guy, he was practically just standing there the entire time. I think he'll sue for excessive use of force honestly.
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 147 days ago  - (Points 32603) CPK1994
...I hate the fact people sue the police for using excessive force when they're the ones being an asshole.... People need to be more proactive in their communities and press charges on him for being a public fuck face.... Our cops should be the same as Brazilian or Mexican cops.... Zero fucks to give....
albobest's avatar
albobest - 147 days ago  - (Points 22046) CPK1994
What you fail to realize is that cops must never have to engage in a close-up fight with the suspect because the suspect can grab their weapon and then the shit hits the fan. Basically the suspect can choose the peaceful way or the taser way and nobody else has to risk their life or their college's life by complicating shit unnecessarily.
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 147 days ago  - (Points 32603) albobest
...I don't want peacful resolutions for violent people.... Fuckin shoot him! No pleading, no negotiating, no lame tasers, just fucking shoot! If you're being a fuck up and the cops show up, if your hands aren't in the air, you should expect death by cops. He's white.... nobody will riot or give a shit.... Sadly...
albobest's avatar
albobest - 147 days ago  - (Points 22046) albobest
@Fry that's not how the world works. Suspect can by high on drugs, alcohol or fucking stressed and fucked up for an hour. You can't kill everybody just because they may be having a bad day.
COMMONSENZ - 139 days ago  - (Points 25590) albobest
You might think differently if this psycho is released from jail and kills your wife or kid.
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Wardy - 147 days ago  - (Points 4642)
Mad as fuck
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Sonnyrte - 147 days ago  - (Points 3317)
crazy bastard
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Thayoli - 147 days ago  - (Points 4215)
lol cmon bring it on bitches xD

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