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Ramming his car into pedestrians got him 16 years in jail

5 days ago, 2348 views
Ramming his car into pedestrians got him 16 years in jail. This harrowing footage shows the moment a hit-and-run driver ploughed his car into a group of pedestrians in south London.\\\\\ Mustafa Esmail drove his vehicle into the crowd of people as they stood on a pavement in Stockwell Road, Lambeth.

The five men who were hurt, aged between 23 and 42, suffered multiple broken bones including leg fractures, a broken shin and a spleen injury.\\\\\ A number of the victims required surgery though none suffered life changing injuries following the incident, which took place in December 2017.

Esmail has now been jailed for 16 years after pleading guilty to five counts of GBH. The court heard that at around 3am on a Saturday, Esmail and a group of friends attempted to gain entry to a bar but were not allowed in. An altercation followed in which a man was assaulted and threatened by Esmail, who left the scene. Minutes later, he returned in a white VW Golf, driving onto the pavement outside the bar and hitting into the group.

He abandoned the car and fled on foot, along with a number of other occupants of the vehicle. Detective Constable Tom Baxter, from the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “Esmail’s deliberate actions left a number five victims with significant injuries and it is only down to sheer good fortune and the work of the emergency services that the consequences were not more grave.

“Esmail attempted to evade police but will now have a considerable period of time to reflect on his behaviour that night." Officers from Lambeth CID launched an investigation, before identifying the car used in the attack was a rental vehicle, hired the previous day. A phone in the car linked it to Esmail, alongside blood found on the airbag and fingerprints on the windows.

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Habsfan16 - 4 days ago  - (Points 20651)
16 years to keep this prick alive is expensive for the tax payers. Especially when this guy is a immigrant (non-white) outsider.
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TheRealDeal - 4 days ago  - (Points 1002)
Looks like he hit muslims, if true then i saw no issue!
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rcpilotjae - 4 days ago  - (Points 2279)
That facial expression will change once he picks some soap up in the prison......
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Appliantologist - 4 days ago  - (Points 4743)
Mustafa Esmail was just providing cultural enrichment, you people should just accept that he grew up with another belief system we don;t understand because of our white privilege
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Darmax - 4 days ago  - (Points 8605)
They got the full serve with this specimen - a muslim AND a nigger...

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apachesmile - 5 days ago  - (Points 4349)
My, my, my my ,my multiculturalism sho am fine!
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Twerkaholic - 5 days ago  - (Points 3106)
Nigger antics.
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Wardy - 5 days ago  - (Points 2081)
Dindu pussy rent boy using a car as a weapon...hope he likes picking up soap off the floor
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tinkerdave - 5 days ago  - (Points 925)
Stupid fucking niggers.

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fokjoudoos - 5 days ago  - (Points 0)
The "other occupants" of the car should also be locked away.
COMMONSENZ - 5 days ago  - (Points 20255)
POS nigger mudslime terrorist.
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EvilJosh - 5 days ago  - (Points 322)
Someone just should clubbe him to death.
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MadLui_03 - 5 days ago  - (Points 898)
16 years is not enough, kill him asap
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jig - 5 days ago  - (Points 467)
This whole situation could have been avoided, if someone had an AK47 on them
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Oonie - 5 days ago  - (Points 7745)
he has a bit dirty top of his lip, is that.. is that.. naah can't be a mustache
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Twofingers - 5 days ago  - (Points 21429)
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Texboy - 5 days ago  - (Points 15166)
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JohnGalt - 5 days ago  - (Points 2729)
Cuck government won't even treat a terrorist as such... RIB GB, greatest most powerful nation on the planet to this........
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Legpit - 5 days ago  - (Points 2621)
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Siankovic - 5 days ago  - (Points 11816)
vacation time.. he be out within 3 years