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A truck crushed children returning from the beach

5588   1 month ago
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5588   1 month ago
A terrible tragedy happened on Saturday, September 26, in the Primorsky Territory. A group of five children, accompanied by two adults, was returning from the beach. When they wanted to cross the roadway, two girls (8 and 9 years old) were hit by a passing Volvo truck.

The accident happened in the area of ​​99 km of the highway "Artem-Nakhodka-Vostochny port". The car drove in the direction of Pavlovsk from the city of Fokino. According to the Primorsky Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs , the truck wanted to bypass the Honda CRV. The car stopped to let people pass. It was at this moment that the pedestrians wanted to cross the carriageway, but did not see the rushing truck.

The driver did not have time to brake and ran over the children. As a result, one girl died at the scene. The second was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The 48-year-old truck driver is known to have been sober. He had all the necessary documentation with him.

The police establish all the circumstances of this tragic accident on the road.
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US LR User
Moronic parents.
DE LR User
"A group of five children, accompanied by two idiots"

Omega13 LR User
When it’s your life, and especially the lives of your children, never assume that the person behind the wheel is going to do you any favors.

That awful tragedy could have easily been avoided had the adults just waited for traffic to pass before crossing the road.
CA LR User
I don`t know why but it bothers me even more when little girls are victims.
LR User
Trucks brakes are suspect. It looks like he was having trouble stopping from the beginning and was going around the car for that reason.
US LR User
retarded truck driver
Ramzez LR User
Not sure if the girl in black died from the impact or the girl in white under the wheels. All I know is that the dad is a coward douchebag who stopped for the truck but let his daughter loose from his hand to cross the road in front of the approaching truck.
US Level 1
They do not learn.
LittleJohn LR User
Truck driver should still not have by-passed or should have stopped behind the Honda. I dunno...it’s called defensive driving.
Chinook LR User
Parents of the year.
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