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Last Login: 10 hours ago
Current Level: 3
Level Stats: 1431 in 10000, Require 8569 points to reach Level 4
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Borderlord - 64 days ago  - (Points 20554)
You're a fucking illiterate inbred hillbilly…… suck Donald Trumps cock....wait till the Klan get their hands on you you turkey….fuckin' shit for brains...….you don't deserve that welfare cheque...Dollar General should refuse to serve fat Yankees like you...……:-))))))))))
saltine's avatar
saltine - 40 days ago  - (Points 3536)
You triggered fat fuck.....Welfare cheque? I have my own construction business. I charge my builders between 6-12k dollars a house. We will doo 2500 houses this year. I take shits that are more successful than you.