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VA Level 1
Thanks for subscribing Sir 💪😉 hope you are doing a bit better  and I want to  let you know you are in my prayers
Travis1991 LR User
Great to see you on here, Larry!
GB LR User
Just seen your personal VT. Sending my best wishes to you and all loved ones. Keep strong you’re a true gentleman.
US Level 2 Legend
Little billy is out back in his yard, playing with his toy airplane when his mother happens to glance out of the open window.
8 year old Billy "flies" his toy airplane around, making engine noises until it, presumably at it's imaginary destination, comes screeching to a halt.
" Ladies and gentlemen", says billy, pretending to be the captain. "Everyone getting the hell out should get the hell out. And anyone getting the hell in, should get the hell in."
Shocked, his mother yells out the window "Billy!! You get in here this instant. Where did you learn that kind of language?? Your going to sit in the corner and think about what you did."
With a "yes ma'am" Billy retires to the corner.
A few hours go by and Billy's mother tells him he can go back outside. " You can go play again, but watch your mouth young man."
" Yes ma'am"
Billy goes back outside and flies around a bit, making engine noises, then looks at the kitchen window. He flies around a little bit more and checks the window again. A third time he flies around making engine noises then suddenly comes to a stop.
" Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We will be back under way shortly. And anyone who is upset about the 3 hour delay... Blame the bitch in the window."
US Level 2 Veteran
👍👍🍻 Sub+...
US Level 3 Supporter
I thought I was subbed too! Again, sorry for your loss!
Etymology Level 4 Mod
Be good to yourself man, my condolences and best wishes.
FR Level 2 Legend
I don't really know how to spell that shit to convey what i have to tell to you, and about what my husband what have to tell about your loss.(sharing same acc u know).
And even if we know all of you , we are kinda new and we werent properly introduced.
But man. Here is a family, and you can count on us to be the ugly french ones that will bring you very best nasty jokes.
Please do not fall into a pit of darkness as we live in here, continue to be a man that can cry in despair. Humans need to survive that demorobot apocalypse we live in.
BloodBathBeyond Level 3 Supporter

Again, sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to lose the love of your life. I lost my wife 7 years ago. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. Stay strong! There's plenty of folks here on LR that'll help out if ya need it. 

I know that, atm, there's nothin' to Cheer about so I'll just say; Beers larryparamedic!
PsychiatricCare LR User
Sorry for your loss.

That was a well done powerful video.
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