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Baldick_McGee LR User
This dude is actually not mentally well.
evilbadguy LR User Troll
Try NOT to believe EVERYTHING you SEE on the INTERNET ! Your vision CAN be deceiving you. dig deeper then dig a little more. EXPECT people "like lib, black people and other strange figures that are oppresseed inside and angry on the out will seek and destroy anyone in their path with the worst crap imagined.
evilbadguy LR User Troll
\.# DEEP FAKED #./
evilbadguy LR User Troll
If you like to see true censorship. go to a youtube video ANY youtube video and type in these key words in your message. FBI, White power,  black racsim. anything  on those lines, and refresh the youtube page. watch your comment go poof in under 10 seconds. this is happening right now on a public platform and has been happening for a few years now what i heard.
evilbadguy LR User Troll
Wanna hurt someone that hurt you sometime, or did you wrong? easy, deep fake them spewing racism then post it on their face book or tag one of their friends. watch their life get destroyed, like your boss for eXample. You're welcome :)