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Fry_Swatter - 29 days ago  - (Points 19993)
Can't tell if your getting my invite, but I attached a message as so... I answered your question a few hours ago, but I feel more personally between us... I can only reasonably stress that I really hope Trump knows what he's doing with the Jews. It scares the shit out of me to see how much media control they have and how collectively organized they been
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crocodiledindu - 27 days ago  - (Points 8252)
Thanks for your response Fry. I'm just interested on how seriously take things like the NWO agenda the Bushes and Skull and Bones started with 9/11. It's nice to meet like minded folks. Thanks Fry.
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crocodiledindu - 92 days ago  - (Points 8252)
I'm here to laugh at and plot the extinction of Mud people.