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US LR User Supporter
Who is in charge this site?
I want to know how come when I have sent NUMEROUS emails to the support link, I never get a dam response of my account never gets fixed?
I have been sending emails to support, JamesDD, and FairEnough, no response or action AT ALL!!!!!!!!
No one ever answers.
AQ Level 2 Legend
Prost Radbod! Bin mal wieder mächtig stolz auf den Osten. Die machen jede Woche eine Riesendemo dort....


Die Magdeburger und generell alle aus den "Neuen Ländern" (so ein doofer Begriff, das sind alles deutsche Gebiete....lol) schätzen halt noch die Freiheit und ihre körperliche Unversehrtheit.....mein Onkel ist da auch oft dabei. 

Einen schönen Sonntag noch!
Radbod Level 4 Mod
The good thing on being 65 yo is that you finally like Suzi Q.
Footage from tv-show Disco on ZDF channel.
The cool kids watched Beat Club on ARD-channel at that time.

Radbod Level 4 Mod
Three great names of German journalism :
Sebastian Haffner
Gerd Ruge
Peter Scholl-Latour
from politically right to left, all three of them brilliant journalists no matter of what political coulor at all.
All three died years ago already.
Since then I havn´t seen a single one amongst the present journalists who could be an appropiate follower.
May be I am blind.
But I don´t think so.
Sebastian Haffner, I even can not tell if he was right or left, he was just a brilliant journalist and historian .
He received a shitstorm by liberal journalists once for calling Hitler, Mao and Lenin the most important politicians of the 20th century ( because they changed the world for ever ).
None of them understood that he did not call them the BEST but the most IMPORTANT !
US Level 1 Veteran
My money is on YOU, Rad!
1.3 kilo burrito must be consumed in under 1 minute, 30 seconds. 
Prize: $3,200 USD.
Don't let us down. 

Radbod Level 4 Mod
An upload reminded me of a story that happened to my wife when she was a little toddler.
My wife was attacked by a turkey in the garden of her parent´s home ( a dairy farm, they had a few turkeys running free in the garden ) once when she was a little child.
Her Grandma (!) saw that from the kitchen window.
Went out with a hatchet and made that turkey a head shorter, without any hesitation.
They don´t make Grandmas like her anymore.
This tough straight white and proud Lady ( pic from the 90s with her Greatgrandchildren (!) including my daughter ) :
US Level 3 Veteran
After I saw your post below I got curious about Martina Hill.
Wow, she's a looker!
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Scott Walker ( Walker Brothers, " The Sun ain´t gonna shine anymore " )
Not everything was good in the old times.
But some was just brilliant.
Scott Walker retells Ingmar Bergman's 1957 masterpiece in just under 5 minutes. From "Scott 4" (1969).

Radbod Level 4 Mod
One of these two needs a bra.
Allie Sherlock does not after all.
In spite of her daring outfit.
Her voice still is good enough to nail that fat bimbo against the wall.
Allie Sherlock :

AQ Level 2 Legend
Hi, heute ist ein denkwürdiger Tag. Vor 79 Jahren - am 12.1.1943, wurde im Rahmen der Operation "Iskra" (= "Funken") die Leningrader Blockade durchbrochen und dann relativ bald aufgehoben. Bin immer noch der Meinung, dass "wir" dort nichts zu suchen hatten. Egal, was die Revisionisten alles für einen Quatsch auftischen...ich schätze, ich hätte damals den Russen geholfen. So wie es übrigens auch viele Russlanddeutsche gemacht haben. Nicht alle von denen haben Hitler und seinen Irrsinn unterstützt....

Prost, darauf trink ich einen!
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