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Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 30 days ago  - (Points 3273)
After 2 suspensions and watching the libearls run amuck shadow banning people, i'm happy to call this my new site!

Fuck Hayden and his army of fucking liberal dipshits......

.....they've ruined the site, but still don't see it as their fault.....always "TRUMP".

....and I quote, "likwidmagik (174.50) CretinLover99 4 hours ago
rmerly Ogrish. A gore site. But now it's been overrun by trumptard snowflakes. It's gone way down in quality over the last few years."
MacGillicunty's avatar
MacGillicunty - 54 days ago  - (Points 482)
Man....fuck LiberalLeak.

I've found my new home!!
Jmiller's avatar
Jmiller - 53 days ago  - (Points 4387)
welcome bro!
MacGillicunty's avatar
MacGillicunty - 46 days ago  - (Points 482)
Why THANK you, jmiller!

Such a different atmosphere here at LR!
chowota's avatar
chowota - 30 days ago  - (Points 3477)
LL is dead.. due to their censor and content.. again, MEH who cares