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US Level 2 69ner
Saw you gave me a sub but, I have a quick question... What did you do to piss off Radbod? He is one of the nicest people on LR... Part of me feels like if you got a downvote on your profile from him you are not someone I want to sub to. Just curious.
Leakedreality7 LR User
I do not support racism. However the anti white agenda needs to be addressed by western society. There is clearly a war on white people. I hope the best for all races who support western society and peace. It is sad to see western society fall so far due to BLM and other groups advocating for open borders and marxism.

Western civilization could fall within the next 30 years. The last thing we need here is violence. What we need is for people to own the truth and we need fix western countries before it is too late. The main problem in western society is the fall of our culture, it cannot directly be blamed on an entire race in my oppinion.
US Level 2 Supporter
Blocked.  Farewell.