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Last Login: 12 hours ago
Current Level: 3
Level Stats: 5003 in 10000, Require 4997 points to reach Level 4
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Sakakibara's avatar
Sakakibara - 102 days ago  - (Points 1479)
Lol did you notice that every comments that you make are automatically disliked ? It must be a glitch, speak to a mod so they can fix this.
Borderlord's avatar
Borderlord - 57 days ago  - (Points 20554)
That's because he's a nigger bastard...……...trying to fly under the radar...…………..!!!!
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space_cat - 134 days ago  - (Points 4315)
This mental defective was quoted as saying: "Americans and guns. I'm happy with stupid Americans killing each other."