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Last Login: 4 hours ago
Current Level: 3
Level Stats: 757 in 10000, Require 9243 points to reach Level 4
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Lynch_McCoon's avatar
Lynch_McCoon - 5 days ago  - (Points 1309)
You are a sad old troll...give way to the more sophisticated Troll....
space_cat's avatar
space_cat - 14 days ago  - (Points 3053)
This mental defective was quoted as saying: "Americans and guns. I'm happy with stupid Americans killing each other."
Twofingers's avatar
Twofingers - 14 days ago  - (Points 34818)
It's that faggot YOKOHOMO come back this time as a Brit. Easy to spot because everyone is a nigger and he spells like a fifth grader.