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Fuck_Diversity LR User
It gets tiresome harping about "jews" all the time. But our body has an acute parasitic infection which is immiserating us and destroying us from within. What are we to do, ignore it?

There is no other model that explains our current state of affairs. If you look at things like:

* Vigorous anti-White policies, public and private
* Hyper-aggressive censorship
* Anti-gun initiatives
* Pro-crime/violence, anti law/order policies
* Mass immigration, legal and illegal
* Wars we engage in but which do us harm, not good
* Predatory monetary policy
* Anti-family, anti-cohesion subversion
* Psychological warfare waged by tech, media, and government

And if you look at who is behind these things and who benefits, there is no other explanation--no other model that fits--other than organized jewry pulling the strings and fucking us over. They control global banking, the Federal Reserve, tech, media, book publishers, the ADL, AIPAC, etc.

If there's another answer, tell me what it is!
Fuck_Diversity LR User
Think about how incredibly fucking stupid the true-believing anti-Whites are: Every single powerful person and organization in the West is on their side, and yet they still think the real "oppressors" are the only group of people that the culture lets them attack in the first place.

You'd think that after around the 100th statue being torn down with no legal consequences, or the 100th noose-that-wasn't that the FBI swooped in to investigate, someone among them would tilt their head and say, "Hey, is it weird that the entire power structure supports our cause?"
Fuck_Diversity LR User
White Americans who recognize that jews run the US are the greatest physical threat to the homeland, according to the jewish head of the DHS and the jewish Attorney General.
Fuck_Diversity LR User
I had an argument with someone here about the validity of being upset over "LGBTQXYZ+ Pride" being promoted in public schools. One thing I asked in that argument was "What would happen if a teacher had showed up to work with a T-shirt depicting the US flag and the phrase 'STRAIGHT PRIDE'?"

What would have happened is that the teacher would have been publicly shamed, unceremoniously fired, and physically threatened and tormented. And that's part of the problem: Unequal treatment of people and ideas.

What this "Pride" bullshit does is:

1. Promote anti-cohesion degeneracy.
2. Promote some classes of people as being superior to others.
3. Forbid dissent in the strongest possible way.

They WANT you to think it's all innocent support of kids who would otherwise be bullied, but that's complete bullshit. You can forbid bullying without forcing acquiescence to things that people find repulsive and destructive. But forcing acquiescence is the whole fucking point!

How is this not obvious?
Fuck_Diversity LR User
Another approach to use against jew-loving faggots is to ask them why every racial and ethnic group other than Whites can advocate for its group interests. Point out that Whites can't even have student unions in college, much less congressional caucuses or private White advocacy organizations that aren't demonized and censored.

Point out that "IT'S OK TO BE WHITE" stickers and signs are always investigated by police and the FBI as hate crimes. Ask why that is.

You will inevitably be told that White advocacy leads to fascism and Nazism, and we can't have that. Keep pressing the "WHY?" question and it will A-L-W-A-Y-S come back to the Holocaust.

And then, as always, you will clearly see who drives the anti-White agenda.

The soulless maggots who don't like statements like I've just written above have no defense other than name-calling. This is why they call you "Nazi", "White supremacist", "racist", and so on, but they never call you a liar. Think about that.

Fuck_Diversity LR User
If you find yourself confronted by a jew-loving faggot, ask them this:

Who created Critical Race Theory, and what group does CRT seek to undermine?

Beyond the constipated looks and the "Uh..." and "Akshully..." bullshit, the only correct answers are "jews" and "Whites", in that order. No, it's not even remotely up for debate.
Fuck_Diversity LR User
Fuck_Diversity LR User
For those who don't think it's the jews...

You can deny that the Holodomor occurred, that Mao or Stalin was a bad guy, and so on--with zero repercussions. But say anything even remotely similar about the Holocaust and/or Hitler, and your life is over with.

If you do that in the US, your career will be over, you will be rendered unemployable, you will be publicly humiliated, and depending on how widely your message was disseminated, you and your family and home stand a good chance of being physically attacked.

In Europe, you will be sent to prison. To PRISON.

Now, why is this? Why are opinions having to do with issues surrounding this ONE group so viciously controlled?

Could it be that the good guys lost WWII and the victors are still with us, running shit?
Fuck_Diversity LR User
Many people think that WWII was justified on the basis that the Nazis wanted to take over the world. They never provide evidence for that, though.

And even more curiously, they never seem to notice that the Allies (Great Britain, France, USA, etc.) had already conquered and controlled a MASSIVE proportion of the world, including huge swaths of North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Think about how vast the British, French, etc. empires were at the time, and then consider how bizarre it is that the fucking scum running those empires were pretending that Germany was out for conquest.
Fuck_Diversity LR User
Come on, THINK about it: These demons own international banking. One family owns literally MOST of the money in the world, to the tune of hundreds of trillions of dollars. This same family is KNOWN to have been the primary driver behind the establishment of Israel. FACT CHECK THIS SHIT!

What could you do with that kind of money? Could you buy organizations that shape public opinion? Could you control politicians? Could you heavily impact geopolitics?

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