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Last Login: 6 days ago
Current Level: 3
Level Stats: 370 in 5000, Require 4630 points to reach Level 4
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Habsfan16 - 19 days ago  - (Points 18556)
I marked one of Twofingers comments on Nz's wall as spam by mistake. My bad.
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Habsfan16 - 22 days ago  - (Points 18556)
Can you erase all the dislikes i got on my homepage??? I was at 13 likes and 2-3 dislikes before that crazy imposter took over LR.
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RealiJustinsane - 25 days ago  - (Points 7910)
AxelT, The screens are normal until I hit the individual view screen, and everything in non functional, the comments are spread out only displaying a few, without the buttons, video just shows as a big back screen, and no way to play. Everything as worked perfectly until today! Thanks in advance. Cheers Mate! Lovin LR!
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Bo_Bubbles - 240 days ago  - (Points 479)
Tried a couple of uploads no luck.
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AxelT - 235 days ago  - (Points 2370)
all fixed i think
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Appliantologist - 120 days ago  - (Points 4460)
Hi, is this a bug or intentional?
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Habsfan16 - 22 days ago  - (Points 18556)
I try to upload gifs and pictures but the tab becomes the gif or picture. Is that a problem on my end? And sometimes the gif that i have chosen from the ones available does not register???