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US LR User
I've followed you for years now (I'm not a weirdo I swear) and you've always been a cool guy.
US LR User
Is your Avi from Scooby Doo back in the day? I fucking love it and I still watch that cartoon when it's on. Old-school beats this new fuck-everything tranny gay pro immigrant shit they try to put out.
US Level 3 Legend
Up and running. Thanks for your help!
US Level 4 Mod
My rant of the day:
Still pissed about the stolen election?  Voter fraud, like elections, is irrelevant. The Deep State, run by corporate globalists, now owns the federal government, its bureaucrats, elected officials, and the country.

Trump beating Hillary was a fluke, a slip-up which the swamp, their media arms, the DOJ, FBI and CIA spent four years attempting to correct.
Just a few bits of evidence:
- The hoped for indictments of Hillary, Obama and the other coup conspirators never happened.
- America's highest profile federal prisoner was assassinated in his cell, while under suicide watch, as his two guards slept and the security cams were all "out of order." In the year since this murder, no DOJ or FBI investigation, no media coverage. It's forgotten.
- Hunter gets away with being Daddy's bagman for millions from China, Ukraine and Russia, as well as his paintings scam.
- Why does the GOP also ignore this shit? Their leader Mitch McConnell, like the Biden's, has made millions from China. His wife, Elaine Chao, is a member of a Chinese shipping family that funnels tons of cash to Mitch.
US Level 4 Mod
I'm often asked, why aren't all mudsharks ugly fat chicks?
1. From birth, white women are brainwashed by movies, TV, commercials and social media that the negro is just like whites, only hipper, cooler, more athletic, and even noble, despite his persecution by racist whites. A negro can even be president, in movies and real life.
2. Hot women crave attention, which they get from walking down the street hand in hand with a zoo ape.
3. What better way to punish a neglectful daddy or ex boyfriend?
4. Today more than ever, woke culture teaches whites that to reject a negro, even its romantic advances, is racist.
5. The epidemic of ape on mudshark violence, like all ape crimes, is covered up by the media.
6. The negro brain feels no remorse, shyness, shame or impulse control. Thus a male negro, even the ugliest, will aggressively pursue an attractive human female, where a white male might fear rejection and humiliation. Observe how negroes behave and dress in public. They are incapable of embarrassment.

Tyler Rios, 27, abducted his 2-year-old son and the niglet's mom, 24-year-old Yasemin Uyar, then kills her.
GB LR User
During our debate your avatar really distracted me :)

Will try and read through your channel when I can
livelurked Level 1 Veteran
Happy fo bro
US Level 4 Mod
Add Abbey Lee Kershaw to the list of insanely hot Aussie women.  Others are Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, and Samara Weaving.
What a crazy continent.  They also have the planet's ugliest women (shown below in reply).
Radbod Level 4 Mod
Happy 4th bud !
US Level 4 Mod
All that misogyny, sexism and sammich jokes was never the real me.  
I'm really into this whole woke, women's movement thing.
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