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I need you to babysit this
US Level 1
I suggested a woke, diverse, and inclusive musical with this title, and JigaBooJones made this meme ...
CA LR User
Yippie Ki Yay!!
US Level 3 Supporter
Hope you don't mind me littering your page with up-votes.
CA LR User
Thanks for the visit AOW. Yeah, well thought out, insightful comments gets thumbs from me. No one has to guess where you're coming from and you can back it up with facts.
krichek LR User
Huh I could have sworn I subscribed to you months ago!
US LR User
How y'all making out with the brutal cold? We have ice all over and so many idiots do not know to stay home. Crashes all over the roads.
bigdaddy LR User
Love the comments, and the name. Keep them coming
US Level 1
Proof that Biden voters are totally ignorant ... of Biden's weaknesses and Trump's wins ... 

BIDEN'S WEAKNESSES --Ten questions Biden supporters refuse to answer:
1. Do you support Kamala Harris, the most leftwing member of the Senate and a socialist? (And make no mistake, she would end up taking over for the frail senile and criminal Biden.)
2. Do you actually favor the Dem plan to give free healthcare to up to 20 million illegal immigrants? The open borders the Dems back would soon double that number.
3. How can you still support Biden when his son's Mac Book Pro has masses of verified emails proving Hunter was used by Joe as the middle man to grab tens of millions in payoffs from Ukraine, Russia, and worst of all, from China? Up to half the money went to Joe. The Biden family is now under FBI investigations for money laundering.
4. Do you support court packing? When Biden has been asked if he'd pack the Supreme Court, he replied, "I'm not going to answer that ... no, the voters don't have a right to know." Obviously, he would pack the court, thus destroying it as a separate, independent branch of government, and making it a tool of Congress.
5. How can you support the Dems when they support BLM, an admitted Marxist organization, whose aim is to end the nuclear family, gender, religion, and capitalism?
6. Are you even aware of Biden's role in the failed coup d'état, and that in a meeting in Obama's office, Biden suggested using the Logan Act against Flynn?
7. How do you account for the fact that Biden now claims the US is guilty of "systemic racism" ... yet while VP for eight years, he never mentioned it. Nor did he mention it at any time during his 47 year political career. In fact, he was close to several KKK members, called blacks super predators, and said, "integration would make schools a racial jungle."
8. Do you actually believe Biden does not suffer from serious cognitive problems related to dementia, and could ever complete a four year term? Is a frail, feeble-minded coward who hides in his basement, avoiding questions and campaigning, truly fit to be leader of the free world?
9. On the ABC town hall, Biden stated to the mother of an 8-year-old she claimed was a transsexual that he supported her. Do you support this blatant child abuse? (He's since wrecked girls sports.)
10. Finally, do you support gun grabbing ... late term abortions ... reparations ... voting rights for convicted killers and rapist ... defunding police ... public housing for welfare mothers and their black gang member sons in nice white suburbs ... compulsory classes in Critical Race Theory ... all things the leftwing favors? What about the socialist "squad"? Name a nation where socialism ever worked.

TRUMP'S WINS ... No Biden voter ever heard of these accomplishments ...

    His pushback against China and efforts to reset our trade relations with that hostile nation;
    His history-making Mideast peace deals between Israel and Gulf nations, which could permanently reduce that region’s hostilities;
    Our exit from the Paris climate accord, a multi-nation agreement uniquely harmful to the U.S.
    His willingness to chop through entangling regulation that stifled business investment during the Obama-Biden years;
    The significant and needed tax overhaul delivered by the GOP Senate;
    The passage of criminal justice reform;
    His efforts to boost school choice and allow families in every income bracket – not just our wealthiest citizens – better alternatives for their children;
    His embrace of opportunity zones, which have poured investment dollars into our most underserved neighborhoods;
    The remarkable growth in jobs, including 400,000 in manufacturing, accomplished during the first three years of his tenure;
    The push to get our NATO partners to increase their spending;
    The rewrite of our trade agreements, most notably the passage of USMCA, aka a more favorable NAFTA;
    His appointment of hundreds of new judges committed to defending our Constitution and two new Supreme Court justices;
    The improved management of our southern border and a significant reduction in the number of people illegally entering our country.
PLUS the VACCINE in record time as he promised.
US Level 2
thanks for the sub, sir!
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