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AQ LR User
So, we live in a time where child killers who beat their newborns into a pulp are proclaimed heroes by the MSM; while people who stood up with me against the corrupted ZOG government --- using words --- are branded hooligans, criminals and are arrested.

Today, all the bad Hollywood crime movies became reality. Security camera videos incriminating police officers who beat me senseless (while I was cuffed with hands behind my back and unable to defend) somehow, SOMEHOW disappeared.

We promote order, we hate the anarchy, we support the use of police force --- but it is time people strike at those sons of bitches who protect the tyrants; not the fellow human beings seeking life. Without their minion lapdogs, tyrants are weaker than spineless worms.

This isn't a conflict of social classes, conflict of religions or ideologies: it is becoming a global struggle of good in its form of life and creation --- against the evil which seeks to destroy all life.
US Level 3 69ner
Read what you wrote in live chat..... Shame about that little girl hopefully she gets the justice she deserves also, I hope everything goes well for yourself.... Sad times we live in.
Wolf LR User
Hey, Kamerad.
New videos will follow soon.
Quackman LR User
You know, if NDH and nazi Germany won in WW II there would be no immigrants in EU today. And there would be no COMMUNIST Yugoslavia. So you, being from Serbia, a country that sucks China dicks, should really fuck off this site.
US Level 1
Wie Gehts! Sub'd!
AsianJade LR User
Subbed 👍
GB LR User
Hey dude gonna send you my dic pic but it will be filtered, touched up smoothed and with dog ears just to be a bit jazzy like the kids today :)
US Level 3 69ner
How was I not subbed to ya...? Oh, well fixed it now. Plus it looks like I get to pop your wall cherry because of the great reset... Lol